If you know the whereabouts of a listed Fugitive, please call Crime Stoppers or submit a Web Tip.  You can remain anonymous and still collect a $50 reward if your tip results in a capture.  All fugitives are wanted criminals who are attempting to avoid arrest, and this makes them inherently dangerous.  They should only be contacted by professional law enforcement.


    Repeat Offenders are active criminal suspects.  To be classified a Repeat Offender, they must meet specific criteria before being listed as such in police criminal records.  Because they are considered active criminal suspects, they are highlighted in RED and earn a double reward.


Identity Theft (Reissued for failing to report to jail) & Misdemeanor Theft
Wanted as of 05/10/2019
Name: Gulden, Kayleen
Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 07/27/1991   Age: 28
Height: 5ft4in   Weight: 115
Hair:  Blonde   Eyes: Blue
DOC Work Release Escape
Wanted as of 05/20/2019
Name: Ford, David
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 03/10/1971   Age: 48
Height: 6ft1in   Weight: 210
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Brown
2-Identity Theft 2nd Degree and 2-Misd City Assault-DV
Wanted as of 04/08/2015
Name: Griffen, Andre
Gender: Male   Race: Black
DOB: 01/08/1980   Age: 39
Height: 6ft 0in   Weight: 265 lbs
Hair:  Black   Eyes: Brown
Sex Offender Violation & DOC Warrant
Wanted as of 01/30/2012
Name: Johannbroer, Jack
Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian
DOB: 07/02/1964   Age: 55
Height: 6ft 1in   Weight: 190 lbs
Hair:  Brown   Eyes: Brown
Warrant: Failure To Register Sex Offender/Escape From Community Custody
4 Records